2015 Winners

Winner – Alasdair Doyle

In the 2014-2015 Tasmanian State Budget, $16 million was allocated for tourism marketing to help increase the number of visitors to the State. In

Runner-up – Celine Lee

Warhead is a work that explores a person’s awkward and uncanny facial expressions when they are faced with something uncomfortable. This is a

Runner-up – Eliza Freeman

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” – Leonard Cohen I made this photograph of my Dad because we often go bushwalking

Sponsors’ Choice – Amber Koroluk-Stevenson

Assail depicts a lost unknown female figure being overcome by a flock of Cockatoos in the bush. This work draws from Australian Colonial

Packer’s Prize – Sebastian Galloway

This painting depicts the subject, Effie Pryer, mourning the death of a pet fish. Beyond the immediate content, this painting explores the

2014 Winners

Winner– Cameron McRae

This is a portrait of David Foster entering the Burnie Betta Milk Wearable Paper Art Prize. I guess I kind of wonder about whether art has any

Runner-Up – Shannon Terry

Sarah is a close cousin of mine who has played a significant role in my life since I was very young. An exhibition of mine included twelve

Sponsors’ Choice – Tilly Clough

Each time I see my Dad it seems he has aged more than I expected, or perhaps more time has passed between my visits than I would like to

Packers Prize – Jesse Hunniford

The experience of father-son bonding is something that is very foreign to me. When I see movies were the father shows the son how to fix the lawn

2013 Winners

Winner – Alex Davern

This is a portrait of Shey Bissett. It captures a moment of solitude in the bathroom. To bathe for many people is a simple way to relax,

Runner-up – Nik Lee

The land shadowed by everyone’s moving mountain is a series of photographs exploring immigrants’ presences and their temporary identities through

Sponsors’ Choice – Emily Blom

This portrait of my niece Ruth began as a statement on western society, looking at what it means to be part of the collective whole that is the

People’s Choice – Murtazza

I don’t know from where and how I should start. I chose this portrait for many reasons. I’m a 16 year old boy living without my mother and my

2012 Winners

Winner – Laura Hindmarsh

Here I am, mid-way through my honours year, it’s well after midnight and I am once again battling with myself in the studio. Bruce Nauman would

Runner-up – Josh Foley

Raymond lives in Queenstown specifically to draw inspiration from it and its surrounding landscape. In a way he and his surroundings, through the

Sponsors’ Choice – Alison McCrindle

Dubbed Crindle, Mr McCrindle, legend and more. This is a portrait of my father Ebenezer McCrindle, who evidently has a profound impact on most

Peoples’ Choice – Effie Pryer

I am probably the least ‘cool’ person getting around. Shy and awkward, I spend a lot of time watching, rather than participating in, social

2011 Winners

Winner – Robert O’Connor

  Nothing is known of this sitter. The unidentified sitter is a much under-attended-to figure in art. He or she turns up in almost every one

Runner-up & Sponsors’ Choice – Eva Schultz

This painting is my attempt at capturing the complexities of relationships, specifically the crucial moment of realisation when a future pathway

Peoples’ Choice – Effie Pryer

I wanted this painting to reflect more than just one person’s experience of growing up. The subject of this portrait has just pointed out that