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Allana Blizzard Jones, Hobart
Brother, acrylic on linen

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The subject of this portrait is my brother, Glenn.

Glenn is my younger brother and is full of ambition, ideas and dreams. But he is also practical, logical and down to earth. Glenn is a lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy, but this portrait is concerned with his personality rather than his profession.

My approach to this portrait was vastly different to any I have created before. This portrait does not incorporate the formal elements so common in my usual work: large scale, bright colours, decorative interiors, severe cropping. These elements did not seem appropriate in the portrayal of Glenn.

I wanted to create an intimate portrait, striped of visual clutter or any adornment associated with his profession, and which captured his nature and personality.

Bright colours have been replaced with earthy tonal washes, drawing on the natural colours of the linen. The figure seems to emerge from the linen and the earthy tones reflect Glenn’s humble nature and no-fuss approach to life.

Glenn’s gaze is focused outside the frame. He looks towards the future. This is a man with a plan.