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Allana Blizzard Jones, Hobart
Con, acrylic on canvas

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This is the first self-portrait I have created since getting married.

Drawing upon the traditions of portraiture I created a seated portrait. The interior, though luxurious with gold detailing in the striped wallpaper and diamond upholstery in the ornate white-winged couch, is also sparse. Other than the couch and the wall and floor coverings there are no additional ornaments or objects to hint at aspects of the subject’s identity or personality.

In contrast with the luxurious pastel interior, the sitter is dressed in darkly coloured, contemporary street clothes: denim jeans, Converse sneakers, a slouchy red top with striped sleeves extending from underneath. Her hair is modern yet simply styled. Make-up is non-existent. The only ornament is a silver wedding band.

The perspective of the painting is slightly tilted so that you are looking up at the sitter, elevating her to a position of status. The proportion of the hands and feet focuses attention on the wedding band and Converse sneakers, the source of the painting’s title.

The disconnection between the interior and the sitter reflects her state of mind: despite her recent marriage, an adult endeavour, she still feels a child. Marriage has not resulted in some miraculous change; she is the same person she was before and feels out of place in this interior, this environment. She has not yet found her place. She knows this is not it. She will keep searching.