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Nathan TaylorWayne Brookes

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This portrait depicts Tasmanian artist Wayne Brookes. I first met Brookes as my teacher at Hobart College in 1997. His enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication as a teacher and practising contemporary Tasmanian artist provided an unparalleled level of personal inspiration. His encouragement and passion for the visual arts helped steer and focus my own artistic ambitions. Brookes helped me appreciate the value and purity of realism in the visual arts as well as its ongoing historical importance.

Brookes is an important and valued member of the Tasmanian artistic community. With his distinctively flamboyant personality,I wanted to reveal a more private and introspective side. I have depicted Brookes in his studio at a moment of reflection, capturing a small gesture that reveals the individual and subtle character of his person.

I chose Brookes for this portrait to illustrate my appreciation and admiration towards someone with a rich passion for the visual arts and a person who continues to provide an unparalleled level of support and positive influence on my artistic career. This drawing pays tribute to the strength and character of Brookes, and the depth of intelligence that he so generously shares with his fellow artist.

Wayne Brookes is currently teaching at Hobart College, holds a Master of Fine Art and is currently completing a doctorate at the University of Tasmania.